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Green It Up

AllBay Landscaping helps beautify the environment we live in, which is why we are proud to practice as many methods as we can to green the Bay Area — both figuratively and literally.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping allows us to practice techniques that will preserve limited and costly natural resources, reduce waste generation and help prevent air, water and soil pollution. Sustainable landscaping helps minimize environmental impact and economic cost by reducing the excessive amounts of water, energy, labor and other resources. Sustainable landscaping provides our clients with:

Creekside Nursery

Residing in Pacifica, CA, Creekside Nursery is owned and run by ALLBAY Landscaping. It provides a complete recycling program for the plants and color used in our landscaping projects for our clients. All green wastes are taken to our composting site and recycled or reused for future projects—using our own composted potting spoil.

LEED Certification

AllBay Landscaping continues to help its clients achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED is a green building certification program used worldwide. This not only helps green clients’ properties, but it also helps green the entire community. Together, we can help lower the Bay Area’s carbon footprint.


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